We have been in business for more than 25 years. We have over 5000 square feet of space filled with top name brands. All merchandise is sold at wholesale or below. We charge the lowest price marked on each item plus 12% and Washington State sales tax. The Sample Sale is not open year-round. We open about once every 2 months for about 2 1/2 weeks at a time.
About Us

Jan. 29th - Feb. 16th
March 1-2 (2 days only)
April 5-6 (2 days only)
April 23rd - May 11th
June 24th - July 13th
(closed 7/4)
Aug. 20th - Sept. 7th
AUG. 21 - SEPT. 14
Nov. 1st
(one-day-only ski sale)
Nov. 19th - Dec. 7th
(closed Thanksgiving Day)
(dates subject to change)
Weekend sales are often added to the schedule, so make sure you are on our email list to be informed of all sales.